Monday, January 10, 2011

Mom A-Peel Cookies is Born!

Christian Peel, my 10 year old son, has seen me run my home-based business and has always wanted one for himself. Knowing that you need to love what you do, he choose a food business. He has a passion for cooking and baking, inherited from both his mom and dad. I told him if he did the bulk of the work, with my guidance, he could start his own business.

After deciding to market cookies, he choose the name Mom A-Peel Cookies, mostly because his first test recipes were all healthy variations on traditional cookie recipes. His cookies have mom appeal because they are healthier than other store-bought cookies.

This blog will show his journey in building his business.

1. We started out with a couple test batches of Christian's favorite cookies. We went to the neighbors and give them cookies to sample in return for their opinions and recommendations on taste, texture, appearance and price on a simple survey.

2. We made and devoured many batches while we decided what to do next. That's the really fun part!

3. Christian started a journal to record his favorite recipes, the cost break down of each, and his ideas and thoughts about the future of his business and the whole process.

4. Christian gets a chance to be an assistant chef on an internet TV challenge for Sears. He builds a salad with Chef Tiffany.

5. 1/10/11 Christian makes his first sales. We decide we have to actually get out there and sell some cookies. We decide to bake some of our cookie dough from a new recipe and try out sales with a simple sign and a tub of fresh baked cookies. The cookies were his Chocolate Butterscotch Pecan delights. We sold 6 of the 7 bags we brought to the shopping center. We decided only to spend an hour so the boys happily ate the last bag on the way home.

We posted an interview of the sales experience on my facebook page.

Next... he's chosen to make his famous Chocolate chip cookies. We'll keep you posted and take more pictures of the cookies to show you just how yummy they are! =)